February 2007 I came to the conclusion that my idea for a simple RFID-reader that must work. Since it was so simple.

Some days before I placed my order I noticed that the swedish computer magazine Dator Magazin ran an article about building a RFID reader
wish used exactly the same parts I was considering buying. So well someone had already proved that it was going to work.

A side little note, I don't like RFIDs that much since I think they are overused in today's society.

Wiring USB TTL-232 - RFID reader module

VCC (red) - VCC
GND (black) - /ENABLE
RX (yellow) - SOUT
GND (black) - GND

But basically it's a prallax RFID reader module and a USB TTL-232 adaptor.

Some images
case open case closed