The new lidl has nothing to game wise or code wise to do with the old lidl, they have diffrent goals, the new lidl is aiming to be a rouge clone, while the old one aimed for that (but never went that far). If someone has a nice name to the game i might switch it so we wont have this confusion. lidl is written in ANSI C. If you wish to join and the hacking on this game your welcome just give me a hint.

Some snapshots from the (svn) repository.
lidl rev 64 (2009-05-14)

old lidl

What was that then? well...
"A game that started out as a C++ based wumpus clone but soon grew to have more goals then wumpus."
That was a description I and/or Oskar came up with.
If you are guttering for ugly code you might find it here.


lidl-0.1.0 - lost
lidl-0.1.1 - lost
lidl-0.1.2 - lost

License: GPL v2 or newer.