This is a historical page.. so not quite updated etc for a while

menot is a program for sending messages between host's, like an RPC and Chat.
The big difference here is that it is done anonymously and encrypted.
The full menot project requiers: python Twisted PyGTK PyCrypto
currently there are six sub-projects:

A stupid server that only send and receive the data.
No controlling of data etc...
(Reason: Not so nice for privacy if a central point checks your data)

A GTK2 client for menot, simple interface and quite nice for testing
Other nodes.
Done: broadcast, whisper
Screenshots: Two users "chatting" A user get response from four updemon's

A node that don't send any data, but displays it trough the use of xosd.
Done: broadcast, whisper

Well guess what, it is a lib for speeding up the creation of node's.
Done: none

Listens in the public after the command to return it's host's uptime.
Done: broadcast, whisper(the code is in it but unused)

Queries for node-updemon's uptime and creates a xhtml 1.1 page based on the output.
Done: broadcast, whisper(same as node-updemon)


darcs (development version): Download
Initial release: Download v0.1 (some features are broken)

License: GPL v2 or newer.