This patch removes that annoying message on a interrupt (ctrl+c)
so now bc does just quit instead.
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neverball-scroll (for version 1.4.0)

This patch adds mouse scroll support for the game neverputt
(Which is a part of the neverball package)
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Modifies some of the filtering stuff
this is for the faith.el for emacs.
(more GNU and Free software over the messages generated)
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Makes bots quiet, the way i like em (the one running them is the only one who neads this patch)
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Makes the Client->host be only a hash, for privecy but stil being able too identify an user.
(exampel of what is shown: blambi!~patrik@0x2db4a712
insted of: blambi!~patrik@localhost)
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This patch creates an chance for the fishes too really swim in there faster "mode".
Yes there is only two speed on them, and i was really anoyed at them too swim too fast all the time.
soo now there is an 1/100-chance for them to swim fast (2pixel at a time)
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Some small changes whos result is that xbill uses GTK 2.0 insted of GTK 1.x
(I was suprised how simpel this was).
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This is an awfully simple patch that removes all but the galeon open in new tab from
the url handling menu. And adds --noraise to the command line for galeon.
(if your not an fan of galeon but wish to have an simpeler url handler just edit the patch)
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This patch removes C-q hotkey soo you don accedently closes the browser insted of a tab.
Works also on galeon 2.0.1 and maybe other versions.
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fqircd-2.1.3b -> mythos-ircd patches

This set of patches are the ones i use on my own ircd.
Since they are made as updates i will show them as a set of patches.
Download mythos-ircd.patch
Download mythos-ircd-p2.patch


Adds a new map type called "more random".
Which is a more random then the autogenerated since also block's are randomly placed.
If you wish to use this for multiplayer the server is the only one needing it.
This patch is included by in the main source since 0.11.7.
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Makes it posible to cleanly compile picocom without UUCP Lock files.
(if you wish to enable them add -DUUCP_LOCK_DIR=\"/var/lock\" to CPPFLAGS in the Makefile.)
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Removes that annoying question that likes to bounce into your face about offline mode.
Sadly this will remove some warnings about you being offline.
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Adds a Option if the player wish to see the robots chat or not.
Also fixes the bug related to msg_show_colors.
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This patch prints todays date in hcal in bold.
(It also works against 1.4.10, and is included in the svn and will be in version 1.4.11)
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