A simple frontend for iwlist whose only purpose is to list networks in a more human readable manner.

Currently there is no configuration file so the user will need to edit wlscan.py and posibly change IWLIST string to how to execute iwlist.

There is also some commandline arguments:

-o, --open    Only list open networks.
-q, --quality Sort APs by quality (default by channel).
-h, --help    This text.

Example output (removed some AP specific details):

Channel Quality Signal          Open     MAC               ESSID
2       [##...] -88 dBm         closed   00:1F:1F:2C:AF:XX XXXXXXXXXXXX
2       [##...] -83 dBm         closed   00:22:3F:9F:92:XX XXXXXXXX
5       [###..] -75 dBm         open     00:1C:F0:62:62:XX XXXXX


License: GPL v3 or newer.