Please note: This is left there for historical reasons, and if you decide to use this code have fun but I would recommend cleaning it up and port it to Python 3.x.

Is a python library that I stared to write when i noticed that I often rewrote the same/similar code in many of my networked python hacks. So I decided that a library for code reuse was the way to go.


Deprecated but is an event based network library, supporting both server and client objects.


Successor of network, quite similar but simpler to use and thread based.


Based on net but supporting a specific protocol. Currently for socktroll and IRC Client (not ready).


Contains generators and maybe later readers for some common file formats. Currently a simple RSS-generator and an basic Atom-generator.


Some ways to access information on a certain set of web pages. Currently supporting for:


License: GPL v3 or newer.